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Conference Date


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Alera, Tom All Conferences held on 10/10/2019
Betar, Jane  
Burdette, Valerie  
Clark, Kathleen  
Coppens, Lindsay  
Czarnecki, Seth  
Fitzgerald, Virginia  
Frantz, Lauren  
Frederick, John  
Moffat, Renee  
Morrison, Maura  
Philbin, Emily  
Pratt, Rebecca  
Querino, Matthew  
Saltzman, Deborah  
Silva, Alex  
Stein, Sara  


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Barry, Colleen All Conferences held on 10/10/2019
Cronin, Eileen  
Dore, Elizabeth  
Falcone, Eileen  
Forhan, Daniel  
Galvin, Patrick  
Hart, Nancy  
Hesemeyer, Lauren  
Holmes, Adrienne  
Houghton, Stacey  
Koumjian, Andrea  
Marieni, Ellen  
McGrath, Sean  
Perreault, Margaret  
Reynolds, Karla  
Steele, Mary Rose  
Temte, Gwen  
Wurm, Thomas  


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Ablaza, Sheri  
Burchat, Catherine  
Connolly, Christina  
Cushing, Gerald  
DeVuono Homberg, Maria  
Drake, Elisa  
Gilpin, Courtney All Conferences held on 10/10/2019
Hausmann, Kevin  
Kelly, Brian  
Largesse, Nathan  
Mott, Lori  
Selby, Amy  
Thompson, Christine  
Vaughan, Susan  
Wadman, Kenneth  
Welty, Daniel  
Zanini, Lorraine  

World Languages

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Araya, Janette All Conferences held on 10/10/2019
Bombrun, Paula  
Demember, Nicole  
Greenwald, Evan  
Lawlor, Sarah  
Moll, Angela  
Osepchuk, Lauren  
Sousa, Jennifer  
Squires, Emily  
Staines, Shawn  
Steele, Karla  

Health and Fitness

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Arvanigian, Melissa All Conferences held on 10/10/2019
Current, Caroline  
Fustino, Melissa  
Kinney, Andrew  
Mawson, Brian  
Morcone, Kristen  
Russell, Patrick  

Social Studies

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Barry, John All Conferences held on 10/10/2019
Braun, Amelia  
Burns, Brittany - Ms. Burns will not be conferencing. If you need to contact her, her email is  
DeCosmo, Greg  
Godbout, Stephen  
Johnston, Gina  
Kellett, Brian  
Lessard, Kerriann  
McKay, Justin  
Moulton, Renee  
Puzzo, Brandon  
Salt, Kathleen  
Salt/Morrison - Public Speaking only  
Smith, Christina  
Turner, Kristin  
Uttaro, Nathaniel  

Applied Arts

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Clarke, George All Conferences held on 10/10/2019
Ferreira, Christine  
French, John  
Giegucz, Zbysia  
Griffin, Catherine  
Muise, Susan  
Norrman, Kristine  
Pappas, Mary Beth  
Riley, Patricia  
Ruffo, Nicole  

Instructional Support

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Chan, Alison  
Cloutier, Monique  
Fais, Hilary  
Flynn, Caroline  
Fuhrman, Ann  
Furman, Santina  
Hynes, Caitlin  
Klockner, Lisa  
Lepore, Christina  
Luippold, Alissa  
MacLean, Kara  
Martin, Kaitlyn  
Mintz, Beth  
McNulty, Sarah  
Nolan-Hess, Sherry  
Oyola, Selvi  
Pagan, Lisa  
Porteus, Marie  
Rutigliano, Felicia  
Stimson, Suzanne  
Wolfe, Mary Ellen  

Fine Arts

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Collins, Amy All Conferences held on 10/10/2019
DeCiero, Danielle  
Duffy, Rebecca  
Sheppard, Michelle  
Vincent, Eric  
Waters, Kathrine  

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